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Government Announcement of 14 October 2008

Decentralisation: Key projects going ahead

The Government has reviewed the decentralisation programme and identified priority elements on which implementation should proceed at this time. The completion of these projects, coupled with the progress already made, will bring 6,000 public service jobs to over 40 locations outside of Dublin.  Details can be found attached in Table A.  Decisions on the timing of further work on the remainder of the programme are being deferred pending a review in 2011 in light of budgetary developments.


Having considered the progress made on the human resource aspects of the Programme, commitments already made, the costs involved, the expectations of staff already assigned to decentralising posts and the business readiness of organisations to transfer to the new location in each case, the Government has identified the projects which will continue at this time – see Table A.


The Government has decided to defer further work on implementation of the other elements of the decentralisation programme pending a review in 2011 in light of budgetary developments.  These projects are set out in Table B


A capital expenditure envelope of up to €72m in 2009 and €90m in 2010 will be provided for the acquisition of the property in respect of the projects going ahead.


In reaching its decision the Government had also taken account of (i) the report of the Decentralisation Implementation Group (DIG) on State Agencies and (ii) the views of the Decentralisation Sub-Group of the SMI Implementation Group of Secretaries General.


The DIG and the Department of Finance will give priority to putting in place arrangements for finalising these projects and the Department will be working through the details of these arrangements, in consultation with decentralising organisations and the public service unions as appropriate, on a case-by-case basis.